Buying a Home In San Diego



First-time homebuyer? Looking for foreclosure properties? Veteran with a VA entitlement? Relocating? Refinancing? Investing?

No Problem! Ginger Proffitt and Associates can serve your every need!

Buying a home in San Diego can be challenging, whether you may be a first time or repeat buyer. It can be equally challenging when looking for the ideal place to retire, as many do in San Diego. Many factors come into play, since the buying process has become more complex, demanding a higher level of expertise.

Steps in Selecting the Perfect Home In San Diego

Organization is essential, as in nearly every other aspect of life. Ensure that you have step-by-step approach. Keeping organized can only result in positive results and a positive attitude throughout the process. Some added recommendations are as follows:

  1. Know exactly what you want and what you need. You must make up your mind and stay focused on what you really want. What does your whole family need? What is your preferred location? Do you prefer a home that is near a school or any recreational establishment?
  2. Be realistic. You should possess a positive attitude about the situations that may rise along the way. Thinking outside-the-box can often help you achieve what you want. Be honest on the things you want can also help you acquire the home that you are looking for. but refrain yourself in letting “wow”- factors influence your decision.
  3. Determine your financial status. Create an estimated budget before searching for your home. It is very important for you to know what type home you can afford. Make an appointment with your lender to get an idea of how much of a mortgage you will be able to afford and obtain your pre-qualification letter.
  4. Take your time. Just building your credit takes time – and better credit equals better mortgage rates.  Create a strategy that would be an essential part to your success. These are just some significant tips that can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a home purchase. When it comes time to buy your next property, you will be well-prepared to partner with a real estate expert for a prompt, successful transaction.

Ginger Proffitt and Associates help Homebuyers because we are:

*Dedicated to your best interests, you will save money because we negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf.

*One-stop shop. The home search is done for you so you don’t have to spend any time searching for information about properties from “For Sale” signs or newspaper ads, or spend your weekends open house hopping.

*Real Estate Expert. You are informed consumers because more time is spent educating you about the home buying process and the right questions are asked in order to find the perfect home and neighborhood for you.

*Knowledgeable of the San Diego County’s communities and neighborhoods; this means a greater choice of homes for you.

*Providing a Comparative market analysis. You save money because knowing comparable home sales prices will help you determine the best price to offer for the property you have selected.

*Diligent to obtain Disclosure of all known conditions of the property. You are protected because pertinent disclosures will be solicited from the seller and reviewed by your buyer specialist.

*Present to Monitor inspections. You’re protected because your Buyer Specialist will attend the professional inspections done on the property during escrow and help you negotiate any needed repairs with the seller.

*Overseeing the escrow process. Escrow instructions, preliminary title reports, Homeowner Association (HOA) documents, and other important forms will be reviewed so challenges that arise may be addressed and hopefully overcome.

*Dependable to follow-up after the close of escrow. To make sure you’re happy in your new home!

You are in good hands with a Ginger Proffitt and Associates. When you place your trust in us, you join thousands of other happy clients who have experienced before you: TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

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